TB Wheel Assembly, Front – All CRF110

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TB Wheel Assembly, Front – All CRF110

TBparts NEW CRF110 Front Wheel Assembly!

Here at TBparts we wanted to bring a new high quality and affordable option to the market. So, our wheels come ready to run from bearings to the rim! Starting out, we had the factory install high quality NTN bearings with the proper spacer behind/between them. Next, is our OEM style “bolt in place” cast aluminum hub painted in silver to match the OEM brake panel (our TB logo is also cast in).

For added strength, we used thicker and stiffer/harder Stainless Steel spokes that are weather resistant compared to the basic steel OEM spokes. Wrapping up the complete wheels are the aircraft grade 7050 aluminum rims in satin black with the TBparts.com logo! The black rims look great once installed!

These are lighter, stronger, and more weather resistant than the factory steel rims. Not to mention, ours come laced saving you a ton of time and hassle! An OEM pair of wheels like this will set you back over $770.00 – The value these offer is unmatched!!

  • Factory installed NTN wheel bearings
  • OEM style “bolt on” hub with TB logo
  • Oversized Stainless steel Spokes
  • 7050 aluminum rim in satin black with TBparts logo
  • Laced and ready to bolt on!
  • Huge Value!
  • Front 14×1.4″

Important Notes:

  1. We recommend re-torquing your axle nut after the first 15 min of ride time. We TQ the front to 15ft-lbs and the rear to 19ft-lbs or you can use the OEM specs of 32ft-lbs for the front and 47ft-lbs for the rear. Its a good idea to check and adjust your chain while doing this.
  2. After 1 hour of ride time the spokes should be checked to make sure they are tight. Keeping your spokes tight is a good way to ensure a long life out of the wheel. True your wheels for best results.
  3. The steel brake drum is painted to avoid rust for storage, it will wear in once used.

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