Price Matching

To be eligible:
  • Price Match requests must be made BEFORE placing your order
  • Competing product must be the exact same including color, size, year, part number, etc.
  • Competing website must be a valid/authorized U.S. dealer
  • Competing website must list prices, including shipping\handling, taxes, etc. in U.S. dollars
  • Price matching is for the total cost of the item including shipping/handling, taxes and any other related fees
Exclusions (including, but not limited to):
  • Any items that are closeout/backorder/clearance items
  • Blemished or scratch and dent
  • Products with Manufacturer Advertised Price (MAP) policies
  • Competitor coupons
  • Verbal discounts or emailed discounts
  • eBay, Amazon, Walmart and other e-commerce/discount market places
  • Price match will exclude you from any additional discounts or offer codes on an order
  • Low price guarantee program can be discontinued, changed or refused at any time by Faster Minis' sole discretion