TB Seat – Z50 K3-78 Models

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TB Seat – Z50 K3-78 Models

Z50 K3-78 Reproduction Seat.  This is the best reproduction Z50 K3-78 seat available in the marketplace today.  Here is why:

  • The top cover has the correct pattern design with regard to shape and size (Some competitors are either too small or they use the Honda superseded type design which didn’t come on Z50s sold between 1972 and 1978)
  • The cover itself is most like the original with a rougher grain on top and smoother grain below.  Compare to original OEM seats and you will see why the other Ebay seats are incorrect.
  • The seat pan is identical to the OEM Honda seat pans.  Unlike the other Ebay seats, it has the vent holes in the correct locations, smooth stamped steel, and when the seat is in the lower position, the rear mount brackets don’t hit the rear shocks.
  • OEM quality foam is used for a nice feel and comfort.

We included a picture of a customer’s customized Z50 using our reproduction seat (along with a lot of our other parts) to give you an idea how it looks mounted.

Unlike our competitors on ebay, we can’t risk importing seats with “Honda” on the back as it would make the seat a counterfeit item and illegal.  However, we do sell a stencil kit in this section that easily allows you to apply the “Honda” lettering using vinyl paint to the back of seat.

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