TB 26mm Performance Carb Kit, Mikuni VM26 – KLX140

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TB 26mm Performance Carb Kit, Mikuni VM26 – KLX140

Mikuni VM26mm Performance Carb Kit

This is one of the best, if not the best, carb kit to run on the KLX140 with or without a big bore kit! The Mikuni VM26 has a proven track record of high performance, quality, and easy tuning. The VM26 is +6mm larger than the factory carb so the bike will pick up power everywhere while utilizing the stock air box/filter. We stock replacements for everything in this kit, jets for the carb, and for comparison a replacement OEM carburetor is over $320 alone!

The kit includes:

  • Genuine Mikuni VM26mm Performance Carb (Not a cheap Chinese copy carb)
  • Intake Kit port matched to the VM26 and stock cylinder head
  • Main Jet kit (Stock Main Jet size is a #190 – Extra jets sizes 140, 145, 150, 155 (x 2), 160, 165 (x 2), 170, 175 (x 2), 180, & 185.)
  • Extended Throttle Cable for use with the stock bars and throttle or tall bars.

This kit includes TBW1539, TBW1546, TBW0399, TBW1353

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