TB 147cc Big Bore Kit – CRF110

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TB 147cc Big Bore Kit – CRF110

TBparts 147cc big bore kit for the Honda CRF110. This kit does require case boring so the new larger cylinder skirt will fit down into the OEM cylinder cases. Our 58mm piston is lightweight, high compression, and meant for use with the stock cylinder head with, or without a big valve kit and high performance cam. As always our piston kits include the rings, wrist pin, and wrist pin clips.

The cylinder is all aluminum and ceramic coated. The inside of the cylinder sleeve is hard coated for ultimate performance! Base and head gasket included.

Key features:
  • Fits all Honda CRF110 year models – Case Boring Required

  • Huge power at a great price!

  • The cylinder includes a temperature sensor port for the 2019 and up fuel injected models

  • Runs on pump 91+ octane fuel

Kit includes:
  • 58mm All Aluminum Cylinder with temperature sensor port
  • 58mm Lightweight high compression complete piston kit
  • 58mm Head and Base Gasket
  • Bolt/washer to close off the temperature sensor port (for 2018 and older models)

Tuning – All year models will require tuning for the new larger engine displacement.

Case boring required: If you don’t have any experience working on your engine, we highly recommend having a professional technician install this kit or, at a minimum, purchasing the shop manual for your bike available from your local Honda dealer. Case boring requires precision and it creates a ton of metal shavings. Its best to completely disassemble the engine when you bore a set of cases. That way you can ensure the cases are 100% clean for reassembly.

Cylinder skirt L x W is 27 x 60.4mm.
Note – Our cylinder skirt is extended. This is for future use with a stroker crank we are working on bringing to production. Since the cylinder skirt extends down farther than OEM, when you clear material for the skirt you will remove material directly behind the oil pump. We have successful clearance this part of the case for the new larger cylinder out to 61mm for the 60.4mm wide skirt without any issue.

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