Warp9 Front Brake Rotor - Surron/Talaria

Warp 9

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Front Brake Rotor - Surron/Talaria

  • 203mm x 1.8mm Size: Talaria Sting are 203mm diameter Rotors from the factory.
    • Talaria Sting are 203mm front and rear rotor sizes from the factory ( the  MX4 is 220mm ) .
    • The 203mm Rotor does not need a caliper bracket and is one piece 1.8mm thick rotor same as factory thickness.
  • 220mm x 1.8 Size: This is an upgraded oversized rotor that provides additional braking force. A perfect upgrade if you're a hard rider and pushing the limits of your current 203mm rotors.
    • 1.8mm Thickness one piece design.
    • This 220mm rotor you will need a caliper adapter bracket to space the caliper out for the bigger rotor.
    • The bracket for a front rotor can be found here.
  • 220mm x 2.3mm Floating Size: This is a beast of a rotor and a serious upgrade that provides the best braking possible. A perfect upgrade if your running bigger/heavier wheels and insane power output.
    • 2.3mm, 2 piece designs helps with heat cycling which is major reason rotors warp. The 2 piece design helps stop that from happening
    • This 220mm rotor you will need a caliper adapter bracket to space the brake caliper out for the bigger rotor.
    • The bracket for a front brake can be found here.
  • Surron Light Bee
  • Talaria Sting MX3
  • Talaria Sting MX4

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