Trail Bikes Headlight and Bucket Kit for CT70

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TB Headlight and Bucket Kit – CT70 HKO & Other Models
Headlight Bucket Info:

This is a perfect reproduction of the CT70 HK0 Candy Topaz Orange headlight bucket and is virtually indistinguishable from the original. Unlike others available, these do not need any dremel work to make the Honda OEM headlight fit. Additionally, the bucket includes the metal spacers in the mounting holes just like the original did.  They help prevent cracking when the mounting bolts are tightened.  Often the original buckets have cracked over time or are missing when you purchase a CT70, so here is the solution to those problems at a great price!   The same buckets were also used on some other older Honda models like the SL90, CL90, CL70, & S90.  However, Honda used different colors on them. Note: Any marks/spots in the picture are just from the camera flash.

Headlight Info:

This headlight is virtually identical to the OEM version.  The only notable difference is that it does not have the beam adjusting screw.  No modifications are needed – just plug in and ready for the night!