DHM Fourth Crank Bearing Support System - CRF110


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We now have a way to offer additional crank support for your CRF110 motor. The OEM crank has three bearings from the factory - the two main bearings plus another in the clutch cover that supports that end of the crank. The flywheel side has been left unsupported until now! We've machined a billet bearing retainer that holds a genuine SKF bearing into the stator housing, which guides the custom-machined flywheel nut that fits perfectly into the bearing. This extra support is designed to keep your crank as true as possible when spinning high RPM and riding the rev limiter.

  • Billet bearing retainer 
  • Custom machined flywheel nut with bearing collar and spring washer
  • SKF ball bearing
  • Titanium hardware
  • Made in the USA 
  • 2013-Present CRF110

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