Trail Bikes Manual Clutch Kit - Honda CT70

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Manual Clutch Kit

– Converts 3-speed
semi-auto clutch to a 3-speed manual clutch.
– Unlike other similar kits on the market, this kit includes a 3 plate clutch.
– 67/18 Primary gears that makes first gear more useable than stock gears
(some other kits do not include this nice option).
– Can properly handle 88cc
– 108cc
Bore/Race Head kit combinations without clutch slippage and loss of power.
– Correct length shift shaft for the older Honda engines so no
additional modifications are necessary.
– Comes with everything pictured including an allen head bolt kit for the engine
cases. All you will need is a perch and lever and a few of your stock parts (we
did not include a perch/ lever due to the wide variety of styles out there –
However, we do have a nice set listed in this section if needed). Additionally,
if you don’t have a clutch nut socket, you will need one of those – do not
tighten the nut with a hammer and screw driver- it must be torqued on!
– Very nice option to use with the 88cc – 108cc bore kits for even more fun and
– With the 108cc stroker engines, we do not recommend the use of an inner rotor
kit with this clutch as it can cause damage to the clutch housing.
However, we offer an upgrade which allows use of inner rotor kits and larger displacement
engines with this clutch kit – Please see the Billet Housing upgrade available
in this section for more details.