CJR Performance CNC Intake Manifold - CRF125F

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CJR designed this manifold to help remove the key restrictions found in the stock CRF125F manifold while retaining as much low-end throttle response as possible.

  • V1 - Smooth runner port from 24mm to 19.5mm
  • OEM mounting location for installing all necessary hardware
  • V1 Designed to be used with stock 22mm throttle body, or have your throttle body sent off for an overbore up to 24mm to take full advantage of the larger manifold upgrade.


  • This part will require a tune as it will cause the bike to run extremely lean hindering both performance and reliability. aRacer standalone, Dynojet PC6 or our CJR Flash.

  • Recommended but not required is using a stepped drill bit to slightly enlarge the OEM insulator found between the cylinder head and the manifold.

This part is quite difficult to install due to the tight frame clearances and stiff intake boot. CJR found it easiest to mount the hardware onto the intake manifold first. From here, move to the right side of the bike and install the manifold onto the cylinder head while the throttle body is off. Next, use a large flat head screwdriver to hold back the rubber intake boot while sliding the throttle body inward into place. Tighten remaining bolts and enjoy your new upgrade!



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