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CRF150F Performance Camshaft (2006-2017)

BBR has finally created a new camshaft for the 2006-2017 CRF150F roller rocker motor! We've tested dozens of different grinds, over the years, and they all took away from the great characteristics of the OEM motor. Either the power was all top end (and it wouldn't even idle) or the power was all bottom end like an old school trail-bike motor. We've never felt like we could recommend any of the existing camshafts to our customers.

We're really proud of our newest camshaft grind. It make more power everywhere but moves peak horsepower to the "fun" spot. We've been durability testing these cams since the early spring. We let everybody from Super Mini kids, MX Pros, Vet riders, and casual weekend riders try it. They all love it (and have been blowing up our phone trying to get it for their personal bikes!) The best part about this camshaft (and our bore kit) is that it still runs on 92 octane. No need to hunt down race gas.

Combine this with our BBR 195 Bore Kit and an aftermarket exhaust for a huge increase in power over your stock bike.

  • Adds 1+ hp to fully modified motor
  • Makes more aggressive race-style of power
  • Bike still starts easily and idles smooth
  • Same camshaft as used by the BBR Race Team
  • No exchange required

Note: The BBR roller rocker camshaft for the 2006-2017 CRF150F installs exactly like the OEM camshaft and uses the same valve clearance specs (.006" Intake, .010" exhaust). BBR Recommends that you purchase an OEM Honda service manual for your bike and refer to it for installation steps.

This camshaft does not fit the 2003-2005 CRF150F motor (or the 2003-1018 CRF230F motor). They are completely different motors with almost no interchangeable parts. If you have the older motor, check out our Performance Camshaft for the CRF150F 2003-2005

Note: This camshaft has been designed to work with the OEM Honda piston, or the BBR big bore kit piston, with OEM sized valves. Any other combination of parts will require that you manually check valve to piston clearance. This is typically done by assembling the motor with clay on the piston dome and carefully rolling the motor over by hand. The motor is then disassembled and the thickness of the clay is measured. We generally shoot for .050" of clearance on these smaller 2-valve air-cooled motors. If you don't understand this process you should check with a qualified performance engine buider. We can only support our own BBR products.

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