TB Performance Fork Assembly Set – KLX110

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TB Performance Fork Assembly Set – KLX110

TBparts Performance Fork Assembly Set for the Kawasaki KLX110. Once installed the difference in our forks is night and day compared to OEM (You wont want to go back!). Ours come installed with heavy springs that are much better suited for adult riders. The Dampening and rebound have also been adjusted to match so your front end does not act bouncy like a pogo stick, causing loss of control. This combination makes these work twice as well as the underwhelming OEM forks in your backyard on the local mini MX track!

They also feature gloss black fork bottoms with our TB logo cast into them. Finally, we integrated an OEM style bushing/guide inside the fork bottom for added strength that the original Kawasaki KLX110 forks do not have. Altogether, you cannot beat the “out of the box” performance and value this complete fork set offers for your KLX110. Not to mention an OEM replacement set of forks is over $550!

Key Features:
  • HD springs better suited for adult riders
  • Improved dampening rod for better dampening and rebound
  • Strengthened with extra bushings
  • Gloss black fork bottom with TB logo cast in
  • Length of fork and Travel match OEM – 610mm (24″) & 105mm
Installations notes:
  • 12 to 10mm axle reducer needed for use on KLX110s. These go inside the axle hole in the fork bottom. They reduce the axle diameter from 12mm for Z50s to 10mm for KLX110s (Included with every set of our forks).
  • These come with 15wt fork oil, if desired, you can drain and refill with 5oz of your choice of quality fork oil
  • Replacement fork seals TBW1615

Rear Shock Recommendations –

HD rear shocks  TBW1201 or TBW1202

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