Elka Stage 3 CRF110 Mini Series Remote Reservoir Shock



Swingarm type
Rider weight [lbs)

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Shipping Note: Elka is about 4-6 weeks out. Please be patient during these times as there may be shipping delays. Delivery is guaranteed!

These are built to the specs you select when checking out. It may take Elka 4-6 weeks to build your shock. There are absolutely no refunds once the order is processed. 

Elka Stage 3 CRF110 13-18

Top quality performance only from Elka. This is the best money can buy for your Honda CRF110.

  • Adjustable Compression
    Allows the rider to make the suspension feel softer or stiffer by simply twisting the black knob located on the external reservoir.
  • Low Speed Compression 
  • Adjustable Rebound
    The rebound adjustment will allow the speed of the shock to adjust to keep the rear wheel on the ground when returning to its initial state after being compressed from an impact.
  • Custom Valving and Spring Rate
    Elka Suspension shocks feature a customized valving and are already sprung for your weight so there’s no need to re-valve them or purchase separate springs.
  • Floating Piston
    The external reservoir uses a floating piston that better separates the oil from the pressurized nitrogen, helping prevent cavitation and oil contamination.